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HD 2011/02 園境師

Ref.: HD 1/542/72 VII
25 February 2011
Landscape Architect
To : Permanent Secretaries c.c. Judiciary Administrator
Heads of Department
(Note : Permanent Secretaries/Heads of Department are requested to ensure
that copies of this circular are circulated to all eligible officers and
displayed on staff notice boards in all offices of their
bureaux/departments until after the closing date for applications.)
Applications are invited from serving civil servants for appointment as
Landscape Architect in the Housing Department.
Pay Scale
2. The pay scale of Landscape Architect is from Master Pay Scale Point 30
($42,410 per month) to Master Pay Scale Point 44 ($74,675 per month) Note 1. The
pay and incremental date for a successful candidate will be determined in accordance
with the provisions of Civil Service Regulations 130 and 133 and as set out in the
letter of appointment.
[Note: Subject to the prevailing situation, candidates with additional experience may
be granted increments for previous relevant working experience in the
landscape architectural field in excess of the stipulated minimum.]
Note 1
The information on the maximum pay point is for reference only and it may be subject to changes.
- 2 -
Entry Requirements
3. Candidates should have –
(a) Professional Membership of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects
(HKILA) (elected on or after 1.1.1997), or revalidated by the HKILA if elected
before 1.1.1997, or equivalent;
(b) at least one year’s appropriate post-qualification experience;
(c) a pass result in the Aptitude Test in the Common Recruitment Examination
(CRE); and
(d) met the language proficiency requirements of Level 1 results in the two
language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the CRE, or equivalent
Note 2.
[Note: Preference will be given to candidates who possess the Registered Landscape
Architect qualification in Hong Kong.]
Permanent Residency Requirement
4. Selected appointees must be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special
Administrative Region unless they were first appointed on civil service terms of
appointment before 1 July 1997 and have continued in service without a break.
5. A Landscape Architect is mainly deployed on –
(a) preparing master and details plans to utilize open spaces in public housing
estates under the Housing Authority’s purview and controlling, developing
Note 2 The results of the Use of Chinese (UC) and Use of English (UE) papers in the CRE are classified as
Level 2, Level 1 or Fail, with Level 2 being the highest.
Grade C or above and Grade D in Use of English of the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
(HKALE), or equivalent, are accepted as equivalent to Level 2 and Level 1 results respectively in the UE
paper in the CRE. Grade C or above and Grade D in Chinese Language and Culture or Chinese
Language and Literature of the HKALE are accepted as equivalent to Level 2 and Level 1 results
respectively in the UC paper in the CRE.
Applicants with an overall band of 6.5 or above with no subtest score below band 6 obtained in the same
sitting in the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) within
the two-year validity period of the test result are accepted as equivalent to Level 2 result in the UE paper
in the CRE. The IELTS test result must be valid on the starting day of the application period, i.e. 25
February 2011.
- 3 -
and maintaining these spaces;
(b) advising on landscape projects; and
(c) giving professional advice to other government departments.
Terms of Appointment
6. Successful candidates will be offered appointment either on trial or on
probationary terms as appropriate.
[Note : The entry pay, terms of appointment and conditions of service to be offered
are subject to the provisions prevailing at the time the offer of appointment
is made.]
Basic Law Assessment
7. For the purpose of heightening public awareness of the Basic Law (BL) and
promoting a culture of learning of BL in the community, assessment of BL knowledge
will be included in the recruitment for all civil service jobs. Results of the BL test for
degree/professional grades will be one of the considerations to assess the suitability of
a candidate but will not affect his/her eligibility for applying for civil service jobs.
As a general principle, the main consideration for suitability for appointment remains a
candidate’s qualification, experience and caliber.
8. Application Forms on G.F. 340 (Rev. 1/2011) together with copies of
transcripts and certificates in support of the academic and professional qualifications,
and CRE results; and support documents of working experience, should be forwarded
to the Appointments Sub-section, Housing Department, 3/F, Block 2, Housing
Authority Headquarters, 33 Fat Kwong Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon on or before 11
March 2011. Please specify the title of the post being applied for on the envelope.
On-line application can also be made through the Civil Service Bureau's website
(http://www.csb.gov.hk). Candidates who apply online should submit copies of
transcripts and certificates in support of the academic and professional qualifications,
and CRE results; and support documents of working experience within one week
after close of application period to the above enquiry address, and the online
application number should be quoted on the envelope and the copies of supporting
- 4 -
documents. If candidates fail to provide the supporting documents as requested
within the stipulated one week period, their applications will not be considered.
Candidates who are selected for interview will normally receive an invitation in about
six to eight weeks from the closing date for applications. Those who are not invited
for interview may assume that their applications are unsuccessful Note 3. For enquiries,
please telephone 2761 6405.
(Miss Loretta CHU)
for Permanent Secretary for
Transport and Housing (Housing)
Note 3 Where a large number of candidates meet the specified entry requirements, the recruiting
department may devise shortlisting criteria to select the better qualified candidates for further
processing. In these circumstances, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend
recruitment examination and/or interview.
It is Government policy to place people with a disability in appropriate jobs wherever possible. If
a disabled candidate meets the entry requirements, he/she will be invited to attend the selection
interview/written examination without being subject to further shortlisting.
As an Equal Opportunities Employer, the Government is committed to eliminating discrimination in
employment. The vacancy advertised is open to all applicants meeting the basic entry requirement
irrespective of their disability, sex, marital status, pregnancy, age, family status, sexual orientation
and race.


檔號: HD 1/542/72 VI I
房屋署職位空缺通告第HD 2011/02號
(注意: 請各常任秘書長/各部門首長留意,本通告
2. 園境師的薪級表為總薪級表第30點( 每月42,410元) 至總薪
級表第44點( 每月74,675元)註1。獲取錄人員的薪酬及增薪日期將按
照《公務員事務規例》第130及第133條的規定訂定, 並會載列於聘
[註︰ 視乎當時的情況, 具有較多經驗的人士, 可能因為具備超出最
3. 申請人必須:
(a) 為1997年1月1日或以後選出的香港園境師學會專業會員( 如在
1997年1月1日之前選出, 須獲該會重新確認其專業資格) , 或
(b) 在取得資格後至少具備一年合適的工作經驗;
頂薪點的資料只供參考, 該項資料日後或會有所更改。
- 2 -
(c) 在綜合招聘考試能力傾向測試試卷取得及格成績; 以及
(d) 符合語文能力程度,即綜合招聘考試兩張語文試卷(包括中文運
用及英文運用)一級成績, 或同等成績註2。
[註︰ 申請人若具備香港註冊園境師的資格, 可獲優先考慮。]
4. 申請人於獲聘時必須是香港特別行政區永久性居民。在一九
5. 園境師的主要職責是–
(a) 擬備總綱計劃和詳細圖則, 以善用房屋委員會轄下公共屋邨的
休憩用地; 以及監管、發展和維修保養該等用地;
(b) 在園境工程方面提供意見;
(c) 向其他政府部門提供專業意見。
6. 申請人如獲錄用,將按個別情況以試任條款或試用條款受聘。
綜合招聘考試的中文運用及英文運用試卷的成績分為二級、一級或不及格, 並以二級為最高
香港高級程度會考英語運用科C 級或以上和D級成績( 或同等成績) 分別會獲接納為等同綜合
學或中國語文科C 級或以上和D級的成績則分別會獲接納為等同綜合招聘考試中文運用試卷
在In t e r n a t i o n a l En g l i s h La n g u a g e Te s t i n g S y s t em ( IELTS ) 學術模式整體分級取得6 . 5 或以
上, 並在同一次考試中各項個別分級取得不低於6 的成績的人士, 在IE LTS 考試成績的兩年有
效期內, 會獲接納為等同綜合招聘考試英文運用試卷的二級成績。IE LTS 考試成績必須在職
位開始接受申請的首天( 即2 0 1 1 年2 月2 5 日) 仍然有效。
- 3 -
7. 為提高大眾對《基本法》的認知和在社區推廣學習《基本法》
申請人在基本法測試(學位/專業程度職系)的表現, 會用作評核其整
體表現的其中一個考慮因素, 但不會影響其申請公務員職位的資
格。原則上, 申請人的學歷、經驗和才能仍然是考慮其是否適合被
8. 申請人須以通用表格第340 號(1/2011 修訂版)提出申請。申
請書, 連同學歷及專業資格的證書副本、成績單和綜合招聘考試成
績通知書的副本, 以及工作證明, 須於二零一一年三月十一日或之
前送達九龍何文田佛光街33 號房屋委員會總部第二座3 樓房屋署委
務局的網站(http:/ /www.csb.gov.hk)作網上申請。申請人如在網上遞
交申請, 必須於截止申請日期後的一星期內把學歷及專業資格的證
書副本、成績單和綜合招聘考試成績通知書的副本, 以及工作證明
寄交上述查詢地址, 及在信封面和文件副本上註明網上申請編號。
如申請人未能在訂定的一星期內提供所需的證明文件, 其申請書將
不獲受理。申請人如獲選參加面試, 通常會在截止申請日期後六至
八個星期內接獲通知。如申請人未獲邀參加面試, 則可視作已經落
選註3。如有查詢, 請致電2761 6405 與房屋署委任分組聯絡。
( 朱靜怡代行)
註3 如果符合訂明入職條件的申請人人數眾多, 招聘部門可以訂立篩選準則, 甄選條件較佳的申請
人, 以便進一步處理。在此情況下, 只有獲篩選的申請人會獲邀參加招聘考試/ 面試。
政府的政策, 是盡可能安排殘疾人士擔任適合的職位。殘疾人士申請職位, 如其符合入職條件,
毋須再經篩選, 便會獲邀參加面試/ 筆試。
作為提供平等就業機會的僱主, 政府致力消除在就業方面的歧視。所有符合基本入職條件的
人士, 不論其殘疾、性別、婚姻狀況、懷孕、年齡、家庭崗位、性傾向和種族, 均可申請本
- 4 -
分發名單: 各常任秘書長
副本分送: 司法機構政務長